Ministry of Health

Centre for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health of Vitebsk area 


Contact Details

20 Lenina str., 210015 Vitebsk, Belarus
Tel.: 8-(0212) 61-60-90
Fax: 8-(0212) 61-60-90, 61-60-79
E-mail:  ocgeglav@vitebsk.by
Site:       www.cgevtb.by

Consulting Hours

Chief Medical Officer
Vladimir Alekseevich Sinkevich
the 4th Thursday of a month – 8.00-20.00

the Tuesday - 8.00 - 14.00

Deputy Chief Medical Officer
Larisa Fedorovna Zinkevich
the Friday – 8.00-14.00

Deputy Chief Medical Officer
Shendykova Natalia Anatolyevna
the Monday – 8.00-14.00


About CHEPH of Vitebsk area


Hygiene Department
The Department includes:
- Division of Food Hygiene,
- Division of Children and Teenagers Hygiene,
- Division of Labour Hygiene,
- Division of Communal Hygiene,
- Division of Radiation Hygiene


Organization Department
The Department includes:
- Division of organization and guidance work;
- Division of social-and-hygienic monitoring.


Laboratory Department
- Laboratory for sanitary, chemical and toxicological examination
- Laboratory of physical agents
- Microbiological laboratory
- Laboratory for HIV/AIDS diagnosis
- Laboratory for special danger infection (SDI) diagnosis 


Department of HIV/AIDS Prevention


Epidemiology Department 


Public Health Department